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Draft Brews

$2 bottled or canned beer service fee

wAIVED with each retail beer purchase - same service fee even for a magnum

Flight 15, 125ml / 250ml / 500ml / 32oz Howler

Dovetail Vienna Sour Lager

Complex Exotic Citrus & Pickled Kiwi - 5.8% Abv - Chicago

Jamon • Salumi • Washed Rind Cheese

St. Benardus Barrel-Aged ABT 12 Sour

Rare World Class Abbey Sour - 10% Abv - Belgium

French Onion Soup • Beef Bourguignon

LaGrow Organic IPA

Lemon, Pineapple, Melon - 7.25% Abv - Chicago

Lemon Garlic Duck Wings • Hummus

Poperings Belgian Blonde

Banana, Clove, Pear - 7.5% Abv- Belgium

Shrimp • LUSH Burger

Hitachino Nest White Ale

Coriander, Orange Peel, Nutmeg- 5% Abv- Japan

Sardine • Trout Conserva

Spirit Forward cocktails

Lush Negroni 13 

Inverroche Gin, Negroni Bitters and Turmeon Vermut 

Lush Boulvardier 15 

Bardstown Bourbon, Negroni Bitters and Turmeon Vermut 

50/50 Martini 13 

Grapefruit infusde Vodka, Inverroche Gin, Turmeon White Vermut 

Lonesome Dove 13

Grapefruit infused Vodka, Mezcal 

Le Dangereux 18 

House Armagnac Blend, Antico Torrino Amaro 

The Avenue 15

House Armagnac Blend, Cappelleti, Vermut Siset 

W.C. Fields 15

Orange infused Rittenhouse Rye, Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup 

Cougar 13

50/50 Martini with Lime Sour 

You Oaxaca be Kidding me 13

Lonesome Dove with Lime sour 

Cold press juice cocktails


100% de Agave Tequila, Cold Pressed Lime 
$13 each/ $19 bottle

El diablo Hellfire margarita

Heirloom Chile Pepper- infused Artisan Mezcal, Cold pressed Lime $15 each/ $22 Bottle

Homemade Ginger Beer Mules

Vodka or Bourbon 
13 - Bottled 18

Homemade Sangria

Seasonal Fruit 9/ Available Pint Sippy Pouch to go 


Pumpkin butter hot toddy

Pumpkin Butter, Ginger Syrup, Jamaican Pot Still And Applejack- 12
Add A Float Of Danger +3

LUSH Butter beer

Organic Butter, Orange Rind And Turbinado Sugar
Well Bourbon, Rye, Mezcal Or Brandy -12
Estate Bourbon, Anejo Tequila, Or Apple Brandy-15
Top Shelf Whiskey, Armagnac, Or Tequila -18

Lush mexican hot chocolate

Buttermilk/Goatmilk Blend, Chocolate, Marshmallow,
Apaluz Mezcal -12
Puntagave Black Anejo Tequilla-15
Don Fulano Extra Anejo -18

lush irish cream

Guatamalan Coffee, Cardamom, Irish Whiskey, Creme Fraiche-12
Add A Float Of Danger +3

glutwein/mulled wine

Zantho Zweigelt, Autumnal Spices, Lip Service Rye, Maple Syrup-12

$10/Bottle Wine Service Fee

WAIVED with each retail wine purchase


If Mother Nature rains on your parade, we will offer you a socially distanced table inside. If that is not comfortable for you, we will bring you containers for anything unfinished and the kitchen will box up any unserved food. We will offer you dry socks, ponchos, rubber ducks and a 'Raincheck Bubbles Certificate'


75ml/150ml – Flight 22

Crisp, Dry, Que Suave

Chapillon Secret Brut Nature Reserva Cava, Spain
7/12 - Bottle 26+ 

Duck Fat Popcorn • Olives

Red Grapes, White Bubbled

Muros Antigos Blanc de Noirs Portugal 2011
8/14 - Bottle 34+ 

Seafood Conservas • Shrimp Remoulade

Grand Cru All Green

Pierre Moncuit, Blanc de Blanc, Champagne FR
11/18 Bottle 45+

Lobster Sandwich • Homemade Potato Chips


150ml/250ml – Flight 19

Slap Your Palate with Crisp, dry sherry

Alexandro Fino, sanlucar de barrameda 
6/9 (75ml/150ml) - bottle 24 +

Seafood Conservas • Grilled Broccolini

Surround sound for your mouth 

seikyo mirror of truth unpasteurized heirloom sake
7/11 (75ml/150ml) bottle 42+

Crispy Duck • Burrata Salad • Gastro Burger

What Un-Oaked Chard wished it could be

Clisson Muscadet Sevre Et Maine, Loire FR
11/16 - Bottle 35

Sardines • Lobster Sandwich • Shrimp Remoulade

pinot grigio eat your heart out

anjos vinho Verde, minho, portugal 2018
8/14 bottle 16+

salade maison • house cured olives

Bottled electricity, drink & repeat

stefan winter riesling trocken rheinhessen, germany 2016
8/14 - bottle 19+

hummus • Fromage • Shrimp Burger

Sauvignon blanc 200 years before it was cool

Daniel crochet sancerre, loire valley france 2018
11/18 - bottle 35+

Sardines • Lobster Sandwich • Shrimp Remoulade

Chardonnay with Cleavage

Poeira branco old vine alvarinho, duriense, portugal 2015
16/24 - bottle 65+

Shrimp Burger

Metrosexual chardonnay  

Nomad "The Gauls" Calvaeras County 2015
11/17 - bottle 28+

Cornish Game Hen • Shrimp Remoulade •
Smoked Chicken Salad



Sophisticated, dry aromatic

chateau nomad dry rose, california 2018
9/15 - bottle 20 

Grazing plates on the patio


150ml/250ml – Flight 22

soft & Sessionable

Hook or Crook pinot  noir, lodi 2017
10/16 - bottle 20+

Duck Wings

Supple Voluptous Lush-Ous

Cheverny, Pinot, Gamay Noir, Loire Vally 2017
9/15 - bottle 20+

Hummus • Supper Club Salad

beaujolais du jour

southern burgundy's  silky, dry cru gamay
13/18 - bottle 30ish+

anything duck

Robust & Zesty Cellared Red

Anciano Tempranillo, Gran Reserva 2008
11/18 - Bottle 35+

Meatball Baguette • LUSH Burger

Bordeaux-ish LUSH Exclusive

Chateau Nomad Bordeaux Blend "The Alani" 2014
11/17 LX - Bottle 35+

Croque Monsieur • Steak Frites • Gastro Burger

Bordeaux Latitude, Washington Fruit

Hedges Family Estate Cuvee, Cabernet Sauvignon, WA
15/21 - Bottle 45+

­ French Onion Soup Au Gratin • Beef Bourguignon • Meatballs

freddy mercury in a bottle 

Piazzo Barolo 2015
17/24 - bottle 45 +

Meatball Baguette • Duck Cassoulet • Beef Bourguignon

Marvelous Mondays half off Wine Flights & wine by the Glass plus no service fee on bottles


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