Fruits de Mer

Manzanilla • Vinho Verde • Pilsner

Oysters 1/2 dozen 18

four Tokyo Rockefeller style 15
$1 oysters weekdays 3pm ­ 6pm

Mediterranean Mussels

wine, garlic, herbs 18

Seafood Conservas

octopus, sardines or tuna 12

The Original Octodog

accept no substitutes 10

Hors d’Oeuvres

Champagne • Sancerre • Anything Gin

Grilled Broccolini

Ajvar, charred florettes 10

Ham‘n Cheese Croquettes

spicy green sauce 9

Wild Burgundy Escargot

garlic butter, Hewn bread 14

Overnight Pork Rillettes

Cornichon, Mustard 12

Togarashi Hummus

Yuzu Caviar, Bread or Veggies 12

Duck Fat Popcorn

herb salt or spicy cheese powder 9

Mouthwatering Olives

house cured 7


7 each, pick three 19

Finochietto Salumi fennel

Cacciatore Salumi Caraway, Chili

Chorizo Rioja Paprika, Oregano

Cotto Salumi Roasted

Coppa Picante Smoky

Jamon Serrano

Prosciutto St. Daniele

Duck Prosciutto

Foie Gras Pâté (Additional 9)


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Salade du Jour

Season’s bounty provided by 4th & 5th generation produce mongers Tom, Tommy Jr. & Renée Cornille 10

Sancerre • Grüner Veltliner • Rosé

Soup du Jour

Bones and vegetables and more made from scratch 10

Sherry • Flemish Sour • Madeira

Earls & Entrées

BLT Shmear

Hewn Bread, tomato jam, bacon, lettuce,
red onion, Green Goddess, salade maison 15

Beaujolais • Rosé • Sour Beer

LUSH Burger

Brisket, chuck, demi­glace, 18 hour onions, giardiniera­ish,
Hewn Brioche, Compté, deep butter Kennebec frites 19

Nomad Red • Rose Champagne • Stout

Croque Madame

Colonel Newsom’s Preacher Ham, Gruyère, mushroom duxelle,
buttermilk Béchamel, egg, salade maison or frites 16

Alvarinho • Dry Riesling • Red Burgundy

Hand Made Pasta

Channeling our inner Italian grandmother 18

Barbaresco • Italian Beer • Amaro Spritz

Recently Swimming Fish

Rice flour dusted, Nomad Chardonnay sauce, salade maison 25

Sancerre • Chablis • Pinot Noir

Crispy, Schmaltzy Chicken

Marinated, confited and crisped, salade maison 19

Red Burgundy • White Burgundy • Belgian Ale


Black Angus culotte steak, togarashi butter, Kennebeck frites 27

Bordeaux • Malbec • Rhône Reds

Vegetable Pot au Feu

Olive oil poached onions, spiced carrot velouté,
herb gremolata, veggies of the season 18

Cru Beaujolais • Trousseau Gris • Belgian White

+ Foie Gras Shmear 9
Chicken, Burger, Steak

+Truffle Shaver Cheese 7
Popcorn, Frites, Salade, Pasta

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Consuming raw or undercooked MEATS, POULTRY, seafood, shellfish, or EGGS may increase your RISK of foodborne illness


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