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Taste the terroir. Delve into exactly what handcrafted means. Each bottle is a bit eclectic, a bit odd, and very much delicious.  This is what your local wine shop gal would drink on a special (or not so special) evening. With food. Or not.  Definitely with friends...if you like to share.  This is absolutely what we are excited about right NOW. And we wanted to tell you first. Show you first. Crack a bottle or few. Super geeky. $100 per quarter.

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With a good dose of wine nerdery!

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Cachaça is a sugar-cane rum made in Brazil, most famous for its use in the classic drink the Caipirinha, composed of just muddled lime, sugar, and Cachaça.  Usually its an un-aged spirit: fresh, light, and a bit raw. Velho Barreiro makes an un-aged version, as well as this one that sees three years of oak. The “Gold” version maintains the unique sugar-cane attributes of the rum, while gaining a bit more finesse and roundess. Smoke, vanilla, cedar, and butterscotch notes also come through, giving this rum a unique and utterly delicious flavor. A perfect winter alternative to un-aged Cachaça and can even be used for a take on a hot toddy (perfect for this weather!).