School of LUSH:

Come on in to see how Lush does school, an interactive seminar that is perfect for those who enjoy drinking wine, eating delicious food, and talking about it. We will taste through a carefully chosen selection of hand-crafted beverages designed to demonstrate the simplicity of understanding booze while breaking it down Lush style. Come to our class and find out what wine is all about!


Hands on and interactive seminars! 

Get Educated:

 Please email or call, 773.281.8888 to ask questions or reserve your seat in class by credit card. All classes are 5-7pm, unless otherwise noted.


*Read the fine type or suffer the consequences! The class in non-refundable, so go all in or not at all. RSVP required, $35-65 per person for booze, food and education. Reservations close 48 hours prior to class.

Bring friends!

Sip smart and savvy!

Upcoming Seminars:

    SCHOOL of LUSH - Wine/Beer/Spirits Classes

Classes will resume in the near future. If interested, please email/call Pablo at or 312-666-6900 for more information