LUSH is serious about wine. 

 Noon til 10pm 

Sunday thru Thursday. 

Noon til 11pm Friday and Saturday. 


We are here to get all interactive on these bottles. Throwing it down, Lush style, and getting all down and dirty with your wine. Understanding the terroir, that is. Taking a look down under, the dirt, the land and the root of the vine. But, more importantly, learning what exactly we like and how to ask for it by name. Which flavors, which grapes. With food or without. And also recognizing consistently what we do not care for. Life is just too short to drink undesirable beverages. Drink what you like. Love it! The Lushes have your back...we are all about hedonistic, sensual activities that engage the senses. Wine, beer, or spirits and everything in between. Especially in between. We are practiced professionals at drinking and talking about what we drink. Open each day, at the crack of noon, for all your thirst quenching needs.

So, visit us and join us in doing what we do best...sipping, tippling, and loving it. Free Sunday tastings, 2-5pm. Classes. Private events. We do also know how to throw a damn good party. Come play!


West Town / 1412 W. Chicago / 312.666.6900

Roscoe Village / 2232 W.Roscoe / 773.281.8888

TWITTER: @LushWine


Each bottle is hand-selected, taste-tested, and ready to go home with you.

Get you some wine...


Obscure, tasty distillates are our friend. Discover the magic of mixology, or just sip it neat.  Cheers!

Raise your spirits!


Micro-brews out the wahzoo...local, not so local, and absolutely delicious.  We are on a mission to find weird beer!

Check out the BEER cooler.